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Browse thousands of makes & models

YAA 4-Step Buying Guide

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YAA Weekly Newsletter

Trends, market conditions, & more

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Kimberly Kline

I was a dealership F&I Manager for 15 years. Now I’m here to help you! I especially enjoy helping women navigate the car buying process.

Mario “Space” Rodriguez

I’m passionate about getting you the best. Let me review your lease and complex deals.

Ray Shefska

After 43 years, I’ve seen it all. Now I’m here to teach you everything I know. Applied knowledge is power!

Phil Nader

After working for Ford Motor Credit, I know the ins and outs of the credit approval process.
Plus, I love helping people get a great deal!

Justise Lasley

I’m a former car salesperson who is passionate about helping you feel empowered when you go to buy your next car — it should be fun!

Justin Fischer

I’m YAA’s in-house EV expert. As manufacturers produce electric vehicles, I’ll help you stay informed as the market evolves.

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Erin saved $1000's

Long story short, the car salesman looked like a deer in headlights when I started using the phrases/tools I learned from Ray and Zach.

He admitted that he was very impressed and that there was “literally nothing else” to go over, since I took the lead and negotiated everything possible and asked all the right questions. I ended up getting a great deal on my 2020 Honda CRV – EX.

Bryce bought with confidence

I have been watching your content on YouTube and using the YAA tools to estimate our budget. My wife and I bought my car today with confidence in knowing what the right OTD price needed to be. We used all the facts from KBB to your OTD price estimator and also used your new Market Price Report application.

Lee had fun buying his Subaru

I can’t thank you and your team enough for providing transparent and relevant info to the general public. Your YouTube channel stands out above all others as it relates to car buying. You’ve honestly saved me thousands of dollars and I can’t thank you enough!