Success Stories

Success Story:  Michael

Success Story: Michael

Everyone loves a good success story. At YAA, we take great pride in giving our customers the knowledge and confidence they need when they’re buying a car. Today, we’re going to meet Michael. Michael was in the market for a specific make and model of vehicle, but the...

Success Story:  Mike C.

Success Story: Mike C.

We love hearing from our YAA members about their recent car deals. It’s always wonderful to see the ways they’ve used our solutions to negotiate and secure an excellent deal on their next car. Today, we’ll take a look at a story from Mike C. about his recent car...

Success Story:  Melissa

Success Story: Melissa

We love to hear success stories from the members at YAA. It’s great to see how people are putting our tools and information to use and securing excellent deals on their new purchases, sales, and trade-ins. Today, we’re going to share a success story from Melissa. She...

Success Story: Rich

Success Story: Rich

At YAA, we love to hear from our members about a great deal they’ve scored. It’s fun to see the ways that people are putting our solutions and knowledge to practical use to save some money! Today, we’re going to highlight a story from Rich about the easy sale he was...

Success Story: Dana

Success Story: Dana

We love hearing about the successful car purchases that our members are able to make. Their stories perfectly illustrate that anyone can use YAA to save time buying a car while also getting a fair deal. Even better, our members often share that they’ve become expert...

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