Reviews of Morries Minnetonka Mazda

  • Reviewed on 2022-04-23

    Doc Fee
    Did you purchase a new or used vehicle?New
    Did they sell you the car at MSRP?No, below MSRP
    Did they require you to purchase accessories?No
    Did they require you to purchase protection packages?No
    How likely is it that you would recommend this dealer to a friend?10
    What fees did they add and how much did they charge you?
    What accessories or protection packages did they require you to purchase and how much did they charge you?
    Is there anything else you want to share with us about this dealership?Very low pressure, pleasant car buying experience. My wife and I test drove a couple of different models and trim levels, unaccompanied, and were given as much time with the cars as we wanted. Greg, our salesperson, was happy to answer questions, but was never pushy. Like everywhere now, they're low on stock and most of what they have on hand is spoken for, but they found a car in the color and trim level that we were looking for that was already in transit to them. Had to wait about a week for it to arrive. Went in the next day to close the deal. The price paid was as advertised and agreed to, $35,130, slightly discounted from the $35,625. In the before times, I would have been ashamed to have gotten so small a discount, but in 2022, almost $500 off almost seems like a good deal. The only other charges were taxes, state mandated fees, a reasonable $125.00 doc fee, and an optional $89.99 fee to register for their "buy happy" rewards program that includes a lifetime, $0 deductible powertrain warranty. If only such a thing had been available on my wife's BMW that this replaced, or any of our BMWs, or our Mini. Maybe we wont actually need it on a Mazda, but it's easily worth more than the $90 for the added peace of mind. They also tossed in a couple of certificates for free oil change services. Before we left, Greg went over all the features, paired our phones with the car, and made certain we had all of our questions answered. On the less than perfect side, someone in finance did improperly charge us $40 for an optional electronic transfer fee that we hadn't asked for. We didn't notice at the time of purchase, or afterwards for that matter, but someone at the dealership did notice that they had charged us the fee in error and mailed us a $40 refund check. anyone can make a mistake. It's how a mistake is dealt with that demonstates the character of an individual or an organization. The entire dealership and purchase experience was one of ease, respect, and integrity. I wouldn't hesitate to buy for them again.