Reviews of College Park Honda

  • Reviewed on 2022-05-04

    Doc Fee
    Did you purchase a new or used vehicle?I haven't purchased yet, but I have contacted dealers
    Did they sell you the car at MSRP?No, above MSRP
    Did they require you to purchase accessories?Yes
    Did they require you to purchase protection packages?Yes
    How likely is it that you would recommend this dealer to a friend?1
    What fees did they add and how much did they charge you?
    What accessories or protection packages did they require you to purchase and how much did they charge you?
    Is there anything else you want to share with us about this dealership?Definitely would not recommend this dealership Before I went to this dealership I called the Sales Manager to ask what I'm required to do so I could secure the Civic that's in-transit, he told me I would have to make a $1000 deposit and I agreed to that, later that day I went to the dealership and the sales person told me the same thing but this time he told me it was required to put a deposit down, even though he mentioned it was required I really didn't mind since I would still get the car either way when it arrives, assuming there aren't any manufacturer defects. The car was MSRP + $2,499 additional ( useless fees and added market value ), that being said I was still gonna get the car because most of the Hondas here in Maryland wouldn't really budge to remove or even reduce their fees At the end of the deal, I thought I was gonna secure it but then the Financial Manager wanted to talk to me about the deal, he said that for the deal to continue smoothly I would have to give my check (car payment) to secure the car that's in-transit and he also mentioned that even though I would put in a $1000 deposit, that wouldn't mean anything because they would still sell the car to anyone who would pay for the car instantly even if that car is still in transit. What is even the point on putting a deposit down just to know you wouldn't secure a car so I just left the dealership. Right as I was gonna leave the manager changed his mind and he wanted to honor my request but I already made a decision to not do business with them