Reviews of Windward Hyundai

  • Reviewed on 2022-04-23

    Doc Fee
    Did you purchase a new or used vehicle?New
    Did they sell you the car at MSRP?No, below MSRP
    Did they require you to purchase accessories?No
    Did they require you to purchase protection packages?No
    How likely is it that you would recommend this dealer to a friend?8
    What fees did they add and how much did they charge you?
    What accessories or protection packages did they require you to purchase and how much did they charge you?
    Is there anything else you want to share with us about this dealership?They sell their cars for $5000 above MSRP. I wasn't too fond of that but they took my old trade in for a little more than KBB which wiped out the dealer mark up. I wish that trade in went towards the price of the vehicle and not the padding of the mark up but to be fair, I think only 1 dealership in Hawaii doesn't do mark ups and it wasn't Hyundai. In the end I managed to get an out the door price at about $500 below MSRP including doc fees and all. Overall I think this is a very fair dealership and some of the perks you get from them are worth the 25 mile drive (That's alot for Hawaii) each way to have them care for my car.