Reviews of Honda Of The Avenues

  • Reviewed on 2022-04-23

    Doc Fee
    Did you purchase a new or used vehicle?New
    Did they sell you the car at MSRP?Yes
    Did they require you to purchase accessories?Yes
    Did they require you to purchase protection packages?No
    How likely is it that you would recommend this dealer to a friend?5
    What fees did they add and how much did they charge you?
    What accessories or protection packages did they require you to purchase and how much did they charge you?Mandatory Accessory package of $2,900 is added to all vehicles on the lot and inbound as the sales manager says they don't waive this. I went with my neighbor's wife to buy this vehicle five days ago and would NOT recommend this Honda dealership in the Jacksonville, FL area to anyone looking to purchase a new Honda. After 2 1/2 hours of me knocking heads with the salesperson and his sales manager, my neighbor was exhausted and threw in the towel and agreed to a $500 mark-up for window tint, mud guards, all weather floor mats in all three rows, nitrogen, and leather seat protection. I told her to get up and leave with me and she just didn't want the process to go on any longer as she made the mistake of mentioning a trip to Tallahassee she was going on the next day for her daughter's soccer team that she wanted the new vehicle for. At that point, I knew we were not going to get any further with the sales manager. She is happy with her new mini-van so that is what matters most, not what I think. I just would have gotten up and left the dealer and let them follow us out or call us ten minutes later to try to save her another $500, or at least something else off the accessory package. Anyway, I did not care for the sales process here and would not recommend this Honda dealer for any new vehicle sale.
    Is there anything else you want to share with us about this dealership?The deal was for MSRP ($41,330) plus $500 with the accessories previously mentioned plus $899 for the FL Doc Fee, plus $55 for their electronic filing fee, plus 6.5% sales tax, plus $225 to transfer her tag on an old Honda van she sold privately for $3,200 as the dealer said $1,000 for her trade at most (2002 Honda Odyssey with 207k miles on it). She was OTD at $45,600. Note the dealer first wanted $603 to transfer her FL tag and I was able to get them down to $225 (I was trying for $150 but came up short). This dealer's fee to do a FL tag transfer is egregious as well as their $2,900 accessory package so be careful here and be ready for hours of negotiating if you want a fair deal in today's auto buying climate.