Reviews of Fullerton Ford

  • Reviewed on 2022-04-25

    Doc Fee85
    Did you purchase a new or used vehicle?New
    Did they sell you the car at MSRP?No, below MSRP
    Did they require you to purchase accessories?No
    Did they require you to purchase protection packages?No
    How likely is it that you would recommend this dealer to a friend?6
    What fees did they add and how much did they charge you?
    What accessories or protection packages did they require you to purchase and how much did they charge you?
    Is there anything else you want to share with us about this dealership?I *personally* had a 10/10 buying experience here - specifically working with Paul S - but skip to the bottom to see why I can't score it 10/10. This dealership did not create a high-pressure sales environment, and there was no split between the car sales and the F&I office. The salesman I worked with to negotiate the car price was also the person who was going back and forth from the F&I office to bring me the 'menu' of optional add-ons. I got my 2022 Ford Mustang Fastback Ecoboost Premium at slightly below MSRP by using X-Plan pricing, and the dealer put no add-ons on the car at all. This dealership was one of a small number who agreed to honor X-Plan pricing on off-the-lot sales (as opposed to requiring a factory order) in and around the LA County area. I spent ~5 hours at the dealership working through the process, and whenever I said "No" it was treated as a final answer. They did not make me repeat myself. Why isn't this review a 10/10? Because while I was doing paperwork I heard a different salesman selling to another couple and explaining that an additional $10K markup was "normal" on an MSRP $30K car. So this dealer is a 10/10 if you follow all the YAA best practices and work with Paul S. But they're not going to hand you a great deal on a silver platter. Do what YAA says however, and there is value to be found here.