Our mission

Improve the vehicle purchase and ownership journey for consumers.

Guided by our principles

We look for these principles in all our employees, and how we operate as a whole.


Seek first to understand – our community, our co-workers, ourselves


Serve and work on behalf of our community


Everything we do is done with clarity and visibility

The Long Game

We’re not in it for the “quick buck” — change takes time, and we’re invested in fulfilling our vision


Equal attention to what we like to do, what we want to do and what we need to do.


Treat others the way you would like to be treated

Save more with YAA Premium

YAA Premium Membership pays for itself when it’s time to go to the dealership.

Unlimited access to YAA car buying tools, our team of Auto Experts, deal/lease reviews, and more.

100% money-back guarantee.

We work for you.

Who we are

zach shefska headshot
Zach Shefska

Zach co-founded YAA in 2019 after convincing his then-retired father to help him make the car buying process more confidence-inspiring and consumer-friendly. Two years later, he’s still working with his dad, and loving every second!

zach shefska headshot
Ray Shefska

Ray has 43+ years of experience in the retail automobile business, holding varying roles (from Salesperson to General Manager). Ray aspires to make buying or leasing your next car fast, simple and transparent.

Arash Soheili loves building technology to help car buyers!
Arash Soheili

Arash co-founded YAA with Ray and Zach in 2019 after realizing how broken the car buying process was for the consumers. After receiving a PhD in Organic Chemistry, Arash pivoted to software development, and has never looked back.

How we make money

YAA memberships and insurance products. No dollar of revenue we earn comes from another source as we are a members based organization. We take no compensation from car dealerships, repair shops or automotive manufacturers.

Transparency statement

Many online automotive research and vehicle search businesses claim to be “customer-centric” and in support of car buyers. However, these same businesses make money by selling your information to car dealerships as “leads.” YAA doesn’t do this.

The business model of “looking like the good guy” and then selling your information perpetuates the unfair and inefficient practices that plague the auto industry.

We want you understand how YAA makes money so we can earn your trust in our mission to break down information asymmetry and evolve the industry.

Why we make money

YAA needs to make money to invest in solutions that empower our members. Recruiting smart and capable people costs money. You need smart and capable people in order to enact change.

How you can support YAA

Please consider becoming a YAA member. Your financial contribution is greatly appreciated. If you are happy with the help we provide, please share YAA with a friend, family member, or colleague.

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